The Floor Beneath You


Your Visit To A Flooring Showroom

A visit to a flooring showroom may inspire you to choose a particular flooring style or color scheme for your home remodeling project. Tour a showroom that features a variety of interior floor products and display styles. Showrooms Before you select the retail business where you will begin shopping for flooring materials, outline the remodeling project that you will b

Three Beverage-Inspired Hardwood Flooring Colors

There are many different ways that you can evaluate hardwood flooring by its color when you're planning to buy hardwood to change the flooring in one of your rooms. While some people will look for a color that ties in well with their existing furniture and decor or the furniture and decor that they plan to buy for the room, it's also useful to consider the names of ea

Hardwood Flooring Installation: How To Select A Finish For New Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor finishes protect wood flooring from wear and tear, enhance its appearance, and make it easy to maintain. There are various types of finishes used on unfinished hardwood floors, such as oil-based, water-based, and wax sealants. Choosing the right finishing products can determine the appearance and longevity of your new wood floor. Therefore, consider the

3 Critical Considerations When Choosing Flooring Options For Your Commercial Facility

Choosing a floor for your home may not be a big deal for you. However, you may have a lot more work to do when selecting a flooring option for your commercial facility. As a business owner, you should be keen about the interiors of your business premises because many people use what they see when forming their first impression. And since a floor is one of the critical

Hardwood Floor Refinishing: A Guide To The Different Finish Options

Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of sanding down the surface of the wood and applying a new finish to give the floor a fresh, new look. Several finish options are available for your floors. Whether you choose polyurethane, water-based, or oil-based finish, you'll reap the benefits of a newly refinished floor. These are some of the key differences you should k