The Floor Beneath You

Your Visit To A Flooring Showroom

A visit to a flooring showroom may inspire you to choose a particular flooring style or color scheme for your home remodeling project. Tour a showroom that features a variety of interior floor products and display styles.


Before you select the retail business where you will begin shopping for flooring materials, outline the remodeling project that you will be conducting. Your outline should include details about the square footage that you will be upgrading. List some floor colors and textures that are of interest. Prepare a budget that includes the proposed costs of the flooring materials and the installation equipment that you will be seeking

A well-established flooring business will exhibit a distinct group of modern and classic flooring styles. Flooring materials will be classified, based on the types of rooms that they are suited for. An organized showroom layout will be easy to navigate. This will allow you to quickly hone in on the flooring products of interest, without wasting time looking at materials that will not fit in well with your home's design scheme.

Sample Setups

A showroom may display sample setups that demonstrate how various flooring materials and accent pieces complement one another. For example, a showroom may feature a makeshift kitchen. Flooring materials may be installed around a sink, a table, and other items that are commonly found in a kitchen.

Molding, wall trim pieces, and other building materials may be used to accent the flooring styles. Signage may be secured for each group of materials. The signage will indicate the name of a particular product.

A sample setup can encourage you to include specific elements when you are remodeling your home. You may even be introduced to a new design scheme that you hadn't contemplated before. While viewing a sample setup, prepare a list of all of the materials that are of interest. Refer to your list when shopping for materials or pricing them.

Project Boards

Project boards simplify the flooring material selection process. If a showroom features project boards, use a board to acquire information about all of the essentials that you will need to attain a specific flooring layout. A project board may contain sample pieces of flooring that you can see and touch. The board may contain descriptions of the flooring materials. Project boards will indicate what types of hardware, manual tools, and hardware that will be needed to install a particular type of flooring.