The Floor Beneath You

Three Beverage-Inspired Hardwood Flooring Colors

There are many different ways that you can evaluate hardwood flooring by its color when you're planning to buy hardwood to change the flooring in one of your rooms. While some people will look for a color that ties in well with their existing furniture and decor or the furniture and decor that they plan to buy for the room, it's also useful to consider the names of each hardwood color. In many cases, the names will tie into things that are of interest to you — which may make a particular hue stand out. You can expect to find a lot of beverage-inspired hardwood flooring colors, which can work well in certain areas of your home. Here are some popular examples. 


Virtually every hardwood flooring store will carry one or more types of hardwood that have coffee-inspired names. While you can expect to see a product that is simply called "coffee," there may also be other ones that pay tribute to cappuccino, espresso, and other similar beverages. Not only do these hardwood colors have a dark, rich hue that can work well in many homes, but you may find that it's appealing to choose one of these colors based on your beverage habits. For example, if you have a home library in which you frequently sit to read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee, you might like a coffee-inspired hardwood color.


There are also lots of hardwood colors on the market that are inspired by whiskey. Like the beverage itself, these flooring colors can vary. Many have a golden hue that can brighten a room and add a warm and welcoming look, while others appear in darker shades of brown. Whiskey-colored hardwood flooring can be a perfect fit in rooms in which you enjoy sipping this beverage with family and friends. For example, you might like it in your dining room. Or, if you have a bar area in the basement, you may wish to consider whiskey-colored hardwood.


Many flooring stores also have hardwood that is named after tea. The exact terms vary. For example, you'll sometimes find a product with a color called sweet tea, while other stores may carry colors known as black tea. Like tea itself, these hues can vary. Sweet tea hardwood typically has a golden color, while other tea-inspired wood finishes can appear darker. You may wish to use this hardwood in a kitchen or breakfast nook at which you enjoy your morning cup of tea.