The Floor Beneath You

The Floor Beneath You

Essential Quartz Countertop Maintenance Tips to Prioritize

Installing quartz countertops in your kitchen will enhance its appearance and functionality for many years. These countertops are known for their uniform and outstanding appearance, durability, ability to avert bacterial build-up, and affordability. To enjoy these benefits for longer and get value on your investment, you will need to maintain your kitchen quartz count

Updating Your First Home? Save Big On Flooring Rennovations With These Tips

Renovating your first home can be exciting, but if your budget is tight and you are concerned about costs, there are some tricks you can use when you start to look at flooring. Changing the flooring is one of the fastest ways you can update your home. Here are some of the things to look for when you go to the flooring store to start looking at materials. Discontinued

What To Know About Wood Floor Refinishing

If your home's hardwood floors have seen better days, you don't have to rip them out and replace them. One benefit of wood flooring is that you can bring it back to life through refinishing. There are different options when it comes to wood floor refinishing, but the results are often impressive. If hardwood floor refinishing is something that may work for your floors

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing: A Surefire Way Of Bringing Your Dull Floor Back To Life

There's no doubt that hardwood floors offer many years of service. What's more, their beauty is second to none, explaining why they have what it takes to transform any living space. However, they can develop issues such as scratches and scuffs due to wear and tear. Under such circumstances, you might think that replacing the entire floor is the only solution. But that

Tips For Preparing For The Installation Of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is quickly becoming a popular flooring option, and that is partly due to it being so easy to install. Here are some tips that will help ensure that you are preparing the floors correctly. Let The Flooring Material Acclimate One of the key things that you need to do before you even set the first piece of flooring down on the ground is to let