The Floor Beneath You

5 Reasons To Have A Professional Install Hardwood Flooring

Many people see installing hardwood flooring as an ideal DIY project. There are, however, some solid reasons to ask a professional to put in new hardwood floors. If you're worried about the quality of the results, a pro can help in these five ways.


Achieving a truly flat and flush floor requires a high level of accuracy. Professionals have the right tools to take tight measurements. Likewise, their experience will warn them when a set of measurements looks a bit off. You can rest assured that the spacing will be as even as possible.

Pro installers also know how to prepare the subfloor. They will properly clean and dry the floor to ensure nothing will throw the hardwood materials off through expansion, or contraction. A contractor can also check that the subfloor is level and make any necessary corrections to ensure perfect hardwood floors.


Especially if you want to use a more complex pattern for the hardwood flooring, planning is critical. A professional will know how to create the layout without math errors. Similarly, they can minimize waste. Every cut will be right to line the pattern up and make efficient use of scraps and ends to fill in gaps without anything looking funky.


Correctly attaching the flooring sections will make a huge difference in how well they'll perform. The choice depends on the subfloors and your choice of hardwood flooring materials. Many people go wild with glue, but this can create a nightmare when the day comes to remove the materials and start fresh. A pro will decide whether to use nails, glue, or a free-floating system to secure the boards.


Professionals also know the little tricks for preparing the materials. For example, they'll leave the materials in place for a couple of days to allow the wood to reach the same temperature and humidity as the room. This reduces the risk of expansion or contraction for environmental reasons, and that reduces the risk that the hardwood floors might warp.

Consistent Finish

Staining, sealing, and polishing the floors are all critical for a visually consistent finish. You will want the wood to look inviting and warm, and that starts with the stain. Similarly, you'll want the right sealant to ensure that the floors will deliver years of use under foot traffic. Whether you're shooting for a shiny or matte finish, the contractor will also know how to achieve the desired finish.

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