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Dustless Floor Sanding: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you love the character that the hardwood flooring throughout your home adds to its overall aesthetic? Unfortunately, if you are considering having your hardwood refinished, chances are you do not love the prospect of sanding the floors. Traditional floor sanding involves kicking up a lot of dust that is almost impossible to eliminate.

Luckily, there is now dustless floor sanding, which works just as well as traditional methods without creating all of that pesky dust. Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions you might have about dustless floor sanding.

What Exactly Is Dustless Floor Sanding?

As the name would suggest, dustless flooring sanding is a method of sanding hardwood flooring that does not produce as much dust. This is because the dustless floor sander is fitted with a mechanism that collects the dust, which is then safely disposed of outside the home.

What Are the Benefits of Dustless Floor Sanding?

In addition to making it much easier to clean after your floors are refinished, there are several other excellent benefits to dustless floor sanding, including:

Because you are not paying for cleanup services, choosing dustless sanding is often less expensive.

How Can I Prepare for Dustless Floor Sanding?  

Whether you are having your floors refinished by a traditional sanding machine or a dustless floor sander, preparing properly for the process is integral. Begin by removing all the furniture from the floors that are being refinished. Remove any drapes and clean the floors thoroughly. Keep your children and pets away from the flooring while it is being refinished by the dustless floor sander.

You will need to wait for the dustless sanding and refinishing process to be entirely complete, which can take several hours or even days before you can enjoy your hardwood floors.

If your hardwood floors need to be refinished, dustless floor sanding is a great choice.