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3 Things To Know About Hardwood Repair

Hardwood floors are an attractive and in-demand feature in many homes. While hardwood flooring is quite durable, it can become damaged over time. One of the benefits of hardwood is that it can be repaired. However, hardwood flooring repair can be more challenging than you may anticipate. Some hardwood repairs are straightforward, while others require a more delicate touch. Here are three things you need to know about hardwood flooring repair

What Can Be Repaired

The first thing to know about hardwood repair is that various problems can be addressed. Signs of wear and tear, including scratches and gouges in your hardwood floors, are easy to repair. Other issues, like buckled floors, mildew, water damage, and rotting floorboards, can also be addressed during hardwood repair. While most damage to hardwood can be addressed through hardwood repair, in some cases, the damage may be too extensive to fix. If you have significantly damaged hardwood flooring, you may be better off replacing it instead of attempting repairs.

How Much Repair Costs

The cost of hardwood flooring repair depends on the issues your hardwood has and what needs to be done for the repairs. Typically, the more extensive the damage is to your hardwood, the more it will cost to repair your floors. Repairing scratches is one of the most affordable options for hardwood repair, costing $1 to $8 per square foot. Other repairs can be much more expensive. For example, hardwood flooring repair that addresses water damage ranges from $8 to $100 per square foot. Dealing with uneven floors can cost anywhere between $5 and $60 per square foot. 

You May Need Professional Repair

Another thing to know about hardwood repair is that while you can tackle some issues on your own, repairs often require a professional touch. If you are working on a few minor repairs or fixing a small area of flooring, you may want to tackle hardwood repair on your own. However, significant damage or repairs to a large area of flooring are best left to a hardwood flooring repair professional. A professional will also offer the quickest results when it comes to hardwood repair.

There are a few things you should know about hardwood flooring repair. First, while a lot of damage can be repaired, there are times when replacing your wood flooring is the best option. Second, how much wood flooring repair costs depends on the damage and how much wood requires repairs. Finally, hiring a professional to do the repairs may be your best bet.