The Floor Beneath You

The Benefits Of Audacity Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Luxury vinyl plank floors are specifically designed to have more features and benefits when compared to the natural wood that the floors are designed to mimic. Hardwood floors look beautiful and timeless, but they require a lot of care and are not ideal in many households. If you love the look of wood but know it is not a great choice for you, luxury vinyl plank flooring may be a good compromise. Learning the benefits associated with this flooring option can help you decide if the flooring is right for your home.


One of the biggest benefits that vinyl plank flooring has over hardwood is that the vinyl flooring is waterproof. Wood floors are porous. They absorb spills, which can lead to staining, wood flaking, wood cracking, and wood warping. This limits where you should place wood floors in a home. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be used in any room since it is waterproof. 

Little Need for Maintenance

Another benefit to vinyl plank flooring is that the flooring is designed to be extremely easy to clean, care for and maintain. When the floor is dirty, it simply needs to be swept and mopped. You can use a wet mop and any non-acidic mop solution. When wood is dirty, it needs to be dry dusted. Special wood cleaners need to be used when cleaning the floor.  Wood floors may also need to be waxed, stripped, and stained over time. This is a lot of care and upkeep that luxury vinyl plank flooring does not require. 

Resistant to Temperature Variations

The final benefit of luxury vinyl plank flooring is that the flooring is resistant to temperature variations. Wood flooring contracts and expands when it is hot or cold. This eventually leads to the wood slightly shrinking, leaving gaps between your wood planks. Vinyl plank floors do not shrink, contract, or expand, helping to prevent this problem. 

In conclusion, vinyl plank floors are designed to mimic the look of real hardwood floors while correctly some of the problems with hardwood flooring. The floors do not scratch as easily as wood, making them a great choice for those who have pets and kids. The floors will not warp or rot like real hardwood floors. And the flooring can be used in wet or moist places, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Visit a flooring showroom in your area to learn more about the various kinds of flooring available, such as Audacity luxury vinyl plank floors