The Floor Beneath You

4 Areas Where You Can Install LVP Flooring And Why

What is the most suitable kind of floor for high moisture areas other than concrete and ceramic tiles? Many homeowners grapple with this question when looking to remodel spaces that have high moisture exposure. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is increasingly becoming the popular choice for such spaces. It is a 100% water-resistant vinyl floor that is made to imitate hardwood planks. LVP flooring comes in a wide variety of hardwood grain, color, and shade imitations to fit anywhere in the house. Here are some spaces you can transform with this type of floor. 


Bathrooms are the most humid spaces in the house. They pose a challenge when remodeling because porous surfaces attract mold and mildew. You can't install true hardwood flooring because it would rot quickly.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring provides a great alternative to marble and tile in the bathroom. The floor can take as much water as is splashed without damage. It is also more sanitary because there are no nooks or crannies for grime to accumulate. 


A kitchen floor is supposed to be waterproof because of various spills and splashes getting to it. A damp kitchen floor poses a risk because it is susceptible to mold infestation, which can cause food poisoning when it contaminates food. It also poses a health hazard because it causes respiratory allergies.  

LVP flooring is ideal for the kitchen because of its waterproof properties. It doesn't have spaces for mold to grow. It doesn't stain from colored drinks and beverages. This flooring is also friendlier on the feet than concrete, ceramic tiles, or hardwood. You can spend more time in the kitchen with less fatigue and fewer aches.


Homeowners shy away from installing hardwood flooring in the basement for a good reason. Basements are prone to moisture condensation and dampness. Hardwood flooring becomes musty and rots in such conditions.

If you are remodeling the basement, you have a good choice in LVP flooring because it will block moisture infiltration from the soil below. The basement will feel more comfortable. You can put the basement to better use, such as converting it into a media room. 


The patio is one of the most enjoyable outdoor spaces in a home. Adding a hardwood floor gives it classic elegance. But it is prone to warping, cracking, and fading from harsh weather exposure. 

You can use LVP flooring instead of real hardwood. It has the same appearance and will have the same impression on your guests.

Would you like to transform spaces in your home with a unique floor? Talk to a flooring installer about options in LVP flooring for your home.