The Floor Beneath You

Garage Floor Need Restoring? Steps To Take Before You Apply The Concrete Coating

If you want to get more use out of your garage, start with the floor. When it comes to the garage, most homeowners overlook the floor. If you fall into that category, it's time to give your garage floor the attention it deserves. That's where concrete coating comes into the picture. Concrete coating is an effective way to protect your garage floor. 

It's also highly effective in repairing existing damage. Best of all, concrete coating can be applied to existing concrete, which means you don't need to invest in a brand-new garage floor. However, you do need to prep the area. Here are four steps you need to take before you apply coating to your garage floor. 

Remove Existing Coating

If you plan to coat your garage floor, take a close look at the concrete. If the concrete has an existing layer of coating, you'll need to remove it. Before you can proceed with a fresh application of coating, you have to ensure that the concrete is bare. Fresh concrete coating can't adhere properly if it's not applied directly to the concrete. 

Deep Clean the Concrete

If you've decided to apply concrete coating in your garage, you need to start with a clean surface. Concrete coating won't adhere to a surface that's dirty, or that has an accumulation of grease and oils. 

To make sure your garage floor is ready for concrete coating, you'll need to give it a thorough cleaning. Pre-treat the grease and oil using an oil-lifting detergent. Then, wash the floor using warm, sudsy water. Be sure to allow the concrete to dry thoroughly. 

Mitigate the Moisture

If you're going to apply concrete coating to your garage floor, you need to understand the moisture levels before you begin. High moisture levels can damage your concrete. It can also interfere with the stability of your concrete coating. 

Before you begin, you should have the moisture levels inside your garage measured. If the moisture levels are high inside your garage, invest in a dehumidifier. You'll also want to apply a moisture barrier to your concrete before you apply the final coating. 

Repair the Damage

Finally, if your garage floor has visible signs of damage, take care of the repairs before you apply the concrete coating. Cracks, chips, and divots can interfere with the proper application of the coating. Fill the damaged areas with latex caulking, smoothing the surface with a putty knife. Allow the caulking to dry thoroughly before applying the concrete coating.