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Need to Buy Carpet for Your Home? 3 Tricks for Getting It Right

Buying carpet for your home is something you may only have to do once or twice in your lifetime. However, as buying carpet is a new process for most buyers, there are some tricks you need to know to navigate the carpet buying process smoothly.

Trick #1: Don't Get Stuck on Weight

Carpet has a different weight to it, and each carpet you look at will be assigned a different weight value. It can be easy to assume that a heavier carpet is better than a more lightweight carpet. However, weight is only one factor you should take into consideration when looking at carpets. Weight alone doesn't determine the quality of the product. You need to consider the density of the carpet, the twist of the carpet, the material used for the carpet, and the feel of the carpet. Don't stress if the carpet you like isn't as heavy as some other ones; a high weight doesn't necessarily mean a better product.

Trick #2: Always Go for an Underpad

Second, when looking at the carpet, don't assume you can skip out on the underpad. Even if you purchase a thick carpet, you will still want to buy an underpad to go with the carpet. The underpad helps to absorb the impact of all the foot traffic walking over your carpet and can actually help reduce the wear and tear on your carpet, allowing your carpet to last longer. Investing in a quality underpad will also enhance your comfort when you walk on the carpet. In fact, it is better to splurge on a quality underpad than a higher-quality carpet.

Trick #3: Pay Attention to the Fiber Type

Third, when shopping for carpets, you will want to pay attention to the different fiber types. There are lots of different types of carpet fibers, with different benefits for each type of fiber. Nylon, for example, is a very popular synthetic carpet material, as it can resist things such as mold and mildew, and it holds color well. Additionally, it is durable and soft.

Polypropylene is easy to clean but can also get dirty easily. It is soft and usually used for residential carpets. Polyester fibers are great if you are looking for a hypoallergenic fiber but don't work well in high-traffic areas. With wool fibers, they are super soft, as long as you go with high-grade wool, which is expensive.

When it comes to choosing a new carpet for your home, don't get stuck on the weight, but do get into the different fiber types. Always pay for a quality underpad, as it dramatically impacts the feel and durability of whatever carpet you choose.

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