The Floor Beneath You

Signs That Indicate Your Deck Needs Repair

To keep your deck operational, secure, and good-looking, frequent repair, care, and scrutiny are essential. A deck is a wellspring of delight and pride. Therefore, check issues such as rot, unfastened nails, wood damage, and other wear.

Check the Wood

Wood requires frequent maintenance. It comprises wiping, sanding, smoothening, or painting. Here are the steps to follow when examining the wood.

If you spot any of the above signs in wood, it's time to fix or replace them depending on the damage extent.

Inspect for Fissures in the Decking Boards

Typically, cracks are troublesome and become worse with time. Luckily, replacing a deck board is easy.

The new deck board may be more striking than the other boards. Therefore, stain it to correspond to the rest of the deck before fixing it.

Look for Popping Nails

Among the most common issues with an old deck is protruding nails. Usually, planks on aging decks are fastened using nails, which can pop out. The nail pushes or compresses out of the wood. It usually takes place if wood contracts or expands due to temperature changes. To fix this, nail it down, or even better, replace it with screws.

Examine the Ledger

The ledger is the frame material that connects the deck to the house. Ensure that the ledger is affixed using lag screws rather than nails. If it's fixed using nails, replace or repair as required.

Incorrect fixing of the ledger may make the deck cave in. You may need to contact an expert as it's an intricate repair task.


A deck is an ideal place to unwind and get together with family and buddies. Therefore, it should always be in perfect shape.

Harsh weather, lack of frequent maintenance, and time can damage your deck. So, it's crucial to check your deck frequently for degradation signs. If you notice any degradation signs, consult a flooring professional to have the deck fixed.